Hi I'm Domenico

I'm a software developer, and studied computer science at the University of Bridgeport

  • Dashboard showing a user's body measurements

    Body Fitness Tracker

    A website powered by a REST API that allows users to track their body measurements and body fat percentage.

    • .Net Core
    • Entity Framework Core
    • Postgres
    • Docker
    • React
    • Typescript
    • CSS
  • Dashboard showing the name and description of several beers


    A React app that utilizes the Punk API to retrieve information about BrewDog's massive beer catalog. This app enables users to search for any BrewDog beer, and save their favorite ones.

    • React
    • CSS
  • Two people doing alternating arm waves with battle ropes

    Titan Fitness

    A responsive website for a fictional gym. This project was created to practice fundamental CSS layouts such as flexbox and grid.

    • Javascript
    • CSS
    • HTML